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The Cabin in the Woods Hits Blu-Ray/DVD September 18

One of the best films of 2012 will be coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD this September.

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TheCritic283371d ago

Easily a film worthy of my damn good.

Kran3371d ago

Want to watch this :D

Crazay3370d ago

About bloody time. I've been dying to see this movie.

-MD-3370d ago

It was definitely overhyped, I remember reading that it would turn the horror genre on its head but it's really not all that.

Although I did very much enjoy the movie and would recommend it to people it suffered from some problems.

aDDicteD3368d ago

one of the main reasons i watched this movie is because it was indeed very overhyped, it has a 90+% ratings in rottentomatoes and is always considered top rated by other movie websites, ..yes it was good but it does not share the same rank as alien, evil dead, the thing and other movies considered best in horror genre. is it worth buying in blueray/dvd?- yes, its entertaining and the concept is somehow very unique. its a B+ horror movie