Walt Disney Animation Studio's "Paperman" First-Look Images

On November 2, 2012 Walt Disney Animation Studio’s "Wreck It Ralph" will arrive in theatres; preceding the feature film will be the black-and-white short "Paperman". For the first time in animation history, "Paperman" uses a combination of computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques to bring the story to life with first-time director John Kahrs at the helm of this bold endeavor. Disney has released first look images for Paperman and they look beautiful, in all of their black-and-white nostalgic gloriousness mingled with modern and classic technologies.


To clarify the confusion over what makes "Paperman" groundbreaking, here is a little more information. Director John Kahrs led a team of 2D and CG artists using a proprietary program called Meander that employs a technique called final line advection. The result is the ability of the artists to add a level of grace and expressiveness never before seen in an animated picture.

Hope that helps clear things up!

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hazelamy3119d ago

it looks great, i love the style.

but "the first time in animation history"?
you mean mixing cg and hand drawn animation?

people have been doing that since the 80s.

starchaser the legend of orin for example.

GillHarrison3119d ago

I don't get that line either. If he meant Disney they used CGI in Beauty and the Beast for the ballroom scene.

FilmFracture3119d ago

I went ahead and added more information. Sorry about the confusion. :)

hazelamy3114d ago

ah, that sounds like something new.
i can't wait to see it in action.

some of these little animated films they show before the features can often be pretty amazing.

and this looks like it could be one of the good ones.

TheCritic283119d ago

This and Wreck It Ralph lead to a legitimate case that Disney might out do Pixar this year.

hazelamy3114d ago

could be, but i still can't wait to see Brave.