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Was The Untold Story Cut From The Amazing Spider-Man?

Badass Digest: A few weeks ago a YouTube user took all of the clips and trailers released for The Amazing Spider-Man and made a pretty accurate, beat-by-beat 25-minute long version of the movie. Buried in all of that footage, and in the photos released by Sony marketing, was evidence of a different version of the movie.

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TheCritic283371d ago

Seriously, this movie reeked of studio intervention...shame really, cause there was actually a good movie here somewhere.

darklordzor3370d ago

I still really liked it though. The whole time I was wondering why the Dr. Ratha (or whatever his name was) plot completely disappeared.

I think they nailed the characters though and provided a really good Spider-Man. It's a great starting point to build from with a strong foundation.

Kingdom Come3370d ago

Whilst I believed the performances to be fantastic, I thought the characterisation of characters such as Captain Stacey, Aunt May and Flash Thompson was incredibly underwhelming. Also, the plot of the film felt derived of depth, where Sam Raimi's trilogy instalments each consisted of several subplots accompanying a main, "The Amazing Spider-Man" felt somewhat, flat. Yes, there's Peter and Gwen's relationship, yes theres mystery shrouding the topic of his parents, but these weren't built upon, there was hardly any answers and rarely was I filled with intrigue regarding the topic, heck, the after credits scene is on the freakin' trailer!

I was hugely disappointed with "The Amazing Spider-Man", yes I believe it can truly progress with a sequel, but many characters weren't given the screen time necessary to build engaging characters that you crave more of.

pomoluese3368d ago

Yeah it was kind of like, "my car got thrown off a bridge by a giant lizard, I guess I'll just stop with my pursuits to test this on war veterans and who cares if I told Connors he was fired, we'll still give him access to his office."

I really hope they'll release a directors cut or something when it comes out on DVD.

Soldierone3370d ago

If we got an extended cut Blu-ray I'd literally camp out for this movie. it was awesome as is, then to realize stuff was cut from it its eye opening!

The first one I felt awkward about too, but I'm assuming its a bridge to the second film? I noticed there were unfinished things, and I'm sure it was last minute because Sony got stronger faith in it within the weeks leading to release, and already planned a second. So last minute cuts made certain things awkward.

For the Spider bite, the film does explain it as Peter figures it out. The algorithm he gives Connors was made for Peter, as his father was the "test subject" for it. He basically made it based on himself. Peter figures it out quietly, its not obvious, but its the answer. Which answers why he felt guilty too, since it was his algorithm.

Also when Peter goes to Connors house (I think it was his house) when they are drinking coffee, peter brings up his parents and hints that he wants the truth. Connors also talks about Peters parents the entire movie.

They do mention one thing That did really bug me though. The whole Gwen and Spider-man scene. They spent a good amount of time "hinting" the scene was coming, then it never did. It would have been absolutely perfect to include that scene.....I was waiting for it.

I totally disagree with the POV issue though. It felt so un-natural as a whole, but the way they cut it up and used all of it still was awesome. If you never saw it all compiled, you wouldn't care.

I think some things are just nit picking, and were obviously cut for time or pacing. However other things.....damn execs not know what the material should be like. Still the best stand alone hero movie to date either way.

extermin8or3370d ago

I still liked it but actually I really wouldn't have minded if they'd done what it seems Webb had planned for it shame really :/ ah well still it was a good film

Soldierone3369d ago

Same. I'm kinda in arms about it because killing off someone within the first movie is a bad idea, but at the same time why not just have him change the scene to where he doesn't die?

The only real let down for me is the entire Gwen scene. It would have been absolutely perfect.