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Prometheus Blu-ray Details Revealed; 15 Minutes of Deleted or Alternate Scenes Plus So Much More

The Collider:
Director Ridley Scott’s sci-fi pic Prometheus opened early last month as one of the year’s most anticipated films. Though some weren’t exactly thrilled with the finished product, the amount of debate over the film’s true meanings, unanswered questions, Alien connections, and common sense-impaired scientists has been immense and unending. The pic is set to hit Blu-ray later this year, at which point further debate is sure to ensue. An unofficial full list of extras included on the home video release have landed online, and just as Scott previously mentioned to Steve, they include a significant amount of deleted scenes.

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reznik_zerosum3362d ago

to fill all plot holes in this film,there must be at least 90mins of deleted scenes.

aDDicteD3357d ago

i think they deleted the good stuff that could made prometheus better. this movie was overhyped, it could have been a classic but they said that it is only part 1 and another movie will tie it in, i dont know..this movie was spectacular visually and the story/concept was ok but not as great as i expected it to be. its still blueray material though.