5 Network Shows to Check Out This Fall

The Collider:
It’s easy to forget, with the bevy of fantastic series that have become critical, popular, zeitgeist-inducing hits in the last few years on cable, that network TV still has plenty to offer in the way of decent programming. Some of the risks may not be as big, some of the scheduling may be a permanent frustration (see: The Good Wife), and some of the best series may get canceled too quickly while some pretty awful trash sticks around (is that our own faults? A discussion for another day) — but in the end, there’s quality. Hit the jump for a list of new series and a few overlooked returning shows worth highlighting among the recently-released network schedules.

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alycakes3361d ago

I wasn't sure about Elementary but now that I've seen some of the clips on it, it might be worth giving it at least a chance.