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The Amazing Spider-Man Scores Record $35 Million Opening

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We hope all our readers in the United States are enjoying the 4th of July holiday today and certainly Sony Pictures must be pretty happy with the $35 million grossed by Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man in its opening day yesterday, including the $7.5 million from midnight screenings. $4 million of that amount is from the movie's IMAX 3D screenings.

That amount surpasses the previous Tuesday record of $27.8 million set and held by Michael Bay's Transformers exactly five years ago, and it's a promising start to what should be a strong week which could defy earlier expectations for the movie.

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extermin8or3364d ago

Good news; I really think it does deserve to do well on the merit of it being a good film; whatever people's opinions be of the fact it's a reboot etc

TheCritic283364d ago

Chalk this one up as a "no surprise."

Soldierone3363d ago

We went to an earlier showing and it was maybe half filled (thats a lot considering it was an earlier showing). We leave and literally every single theater playing Spider-man had a line by it. The big "imax" screen had a line going out the door. They had I think 7 or 8 different theaters playing it, so thats a lot of people.

Good thing too, this movie was fantastic!