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First Image Of A Bald, Gun-Wielding Matt Damon In Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium'

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While Neill Blomkamp and his team have done a fantastic job of keeping pretty much everything about his upcoming sci-fi flick "Elysium" under wraps, the time for show and tell is soon arriving. Sony recently confirmed the film will be part of their one and a half hour presentation at Comic-Con in a few weeks, and a little sneak preview of sorts has arrived.

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alycakes3364d ago

He looks so wierd without hair.

Kran3363d ago

I want the district 9 sequel :(

krazykombatant3363d ago

he was already bald in eurotrip.

JL3363d ago

Scotty doesn't know! Best. Cameo. Ever.

pr0digyZA3363d ago

Looks nice and gritty. And from what people (who saw pre-screening) have told me it was amazing even though some scenes were missing and nearly all special effects weren't in. That just shows its got to be at least good if you consider they will most likely add in more background information, plus visual effects which will help draw you into the world more.

TheCritic283363d ago

I actually dig the look for Matt Damon...although he kind of looks like he walked off the set of District 9.

WitWolfy3363d ago

Thought the exact same thing.. He looks like Kobus from District 9 lol

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