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Jason Bakker of Metal Arcade writes:

After years of anticipation from Spider-Man fans such as myself, The Amazing Spider-Man is finally in theaters. Many have argued that a reboot was unnecessary, but those detractors clearly haven’t watched the atrocity that was Spider-Man 3 in a while. In case you’ve forgotten, that “film” had three villains, killed two of them (one of which was only a glorified cameo- yet Raimi still felt the need to kill him despite being a fan favorite character), and had a dance sequence with emo Peter Parker getting down in a Jazz club and then punching Mary Jane in the face. Dancing, strutting down the streets while women laughed at him. Combing his hair into an emo coif and applying eyeliner. Yes, Raimi thought this made a dark version of Spider-Man. The goth kids at the mall must be infected by alien symbiotes as well.

Sorry for the slight derailment, but I had to remind people what had happened to bring us to this point. To illustrate the utter need for a reboot.

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