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Jeremy's Top Ten of 2012 (So Far)

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "We’ve reached the halfway point of 2012 and so far things have been pretty damn fantastic on the film front. A lot of surprising titles seemed to have come out of nowhere, while more than a few anticipated titles ended up disappointing. I usually don’t participate in midyear posts like this, but since 2012 has been such a strong year for film I figured I’d reflect on what I’ve seen so far. It’s going to be interesting revisiting this post later this year once I’ve seen all of the Oscar contenders."

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CPO3367d ago

Not sure we agree with all these. And where is 'The Avengers.' But hey, it is just an opinion piece!!

MinimeJer053367d ago

Wasn't the biggest fan of The Avengers. Good film, not not top ten material.

TheCritic283367d ago

I would include it in my Top 10, simply due to the fact that film WAS good. It's an acheivement in and of itself, really.

TheCritic283367d ago

Totally agree with you on Cabin in the Woods...totally disagree about John Carter, though.

aDDicteD3367d ago

solid top 10 list..eventhough there is no avengers and hunger games.