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5 Ways To End Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Christopher Nolan‘s epic conclusion to the Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises, is just a couple of weeks away and I figured it would be worth discussing how we think Nolan could end the series. We know for a fact that The Dark Knight Rises will be Nolan’s last film as a director and Christian Bale‘s last film as Batman (unless Nolan for some reason returns as director), so it’s safe to say that this film will probably wrap things up pretty tightly."

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33369d ago

Should be interesting. Supposedly Nolan and co. haven't screened ANY footage from the last act of the film. However they choose to end it some kind of finality will be involved. Hopefully they don't go for some kind of ambiguous 'Inception' like ending.

MinimeJer053369d ago

Yeah, I hope they don't do anything similar to Inception. I'd like some more closure to the Batman series and I think they realize that most of the fans NEED that closure.

aDDicteD3363d ago

i trust nolan will give this his best. im tired of hearing that batman will die because i dont think that will ever happen. the ending will be haunting, maybe sad and emotional. but never will it be involving batmans death and him being replace because he is a symbol or legend. Raas al ghul might play a big part of the ending, and the beat cop john blake might be involved as well thats my prediction.