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The Amazing Spider-Man Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb’s slightly updated take on the origin of our favorite web-slinging superhero, hits theaters this week and it’s about as good as a complete retread of a ten year old movie can possibly be. The movie sports a darker color palette, improved CGI, bloodier action sequences, and a cast that is generally superior to Raimi’s crew (though no one in this movie rivals Willem Dafoe’s scenery chewing performance as the Green Goblin). And yet, as I watched The Amazing Spider-Man, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the story was completely obligatory and listless. It’s like everyone involved was really excited about the idea of a sequel—about eventually doing for Spider-Man what Christopher Nolan did for Batman with The Dark Knight—but they were all told to trudge through a perfunctory reboot before they could have any fun."

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