Push-Start Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

"Though the moments of drag are mostly a result of of ‘sloppy seconds’ syndrome rather than any lack of real integrity. You can’t shake the symptoms of not only déjà vu, but also the nagging fact that many key elements were executed far more memorably the last time Spidey was granted an origin story."

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alycakes3362d ago

I saw this today and I have to say that I really did enjoy the way they changed Peter Parker. His character was different and I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't disappointed. I really think they did well bringing out a whole new stronger and bolder character.

gaden_malak3362d ago

How would you rate it vs the first Spider-man with Toby McGuire?

Soldierone3362d ago

Way better. I loved the first 3, they were and still are some of my favorite comic book movies. However they did a really good job of making Peter a smart arse when he is fighting, and he isn't all one dimensional hardly talking guy anymore. This movie is alot closer to the comics too, and has the best Stan Lee cameo yet.

However i didn't really like how he started getting his powers, that was the only thing that really bugged me. i can't wait for them to develop more, like jamison and the daily bugle etc...

DarkBlood3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

im not sure what you mean by how he started developing his powers i mean he got bit by the unique spider only the the spider died in this one?

also did u make sense out of the after credit scene? i did research but its going in different direction as to who the mystery person is

alycakes3362d ago

I liked it better. The ones with McGuire were good, don't get me wrong..I enjoyed them all but this one was just gave you a whole new view of who Spider-Man is and I liked his agressive role a lot better also.

Soldierone3362d ago

@Dark blood

I just didn't like how he got them and was destroying everything like the Hulk or something. I mean the whole bedroom thing was funny, but the train scene felt awkward.

Also I looked into it too. I honestly thought "HELL YES MYSTERIO!!!!" Then I look into it and people are saying its Green Goblin somehow? Really? lol

I think its either Mysterio or its Vulture, and they are working towards the Sinister Six which is absolutely awesome too. I think what they did with the Green Goblin throughout this movie was great, and hopefully they do it again so when he does finally appear its a big deal.

DarkBlood3362d ago

i got more questions if u dont mind soliderone
and excuse the run on sentence if u dont mind lol

1: im still unclear as to why u dont like how he got them since they both *peter parkers* recieve the bite in a lab like convient place filled with spiders or if you you mean how hes testing his powers cuz i think i know what you mean by that by his sudden reaction to his surroundings when it came to his abilitys compared to the tobey first movie, if not then im probably missing the point your making lol

2: since i dont know alot about the spidey universe out of what i seen and had seen and i could probably answer it in my own way but how is it the lizard guy *name i forgot* go from bad to good at the end and do u think he really lost his power cuz i think he still has it somehow cuz of that after credit scene u can see some scales on his face?

3: as i piece it together how in the world do u figure the green goblin build up throughout the movie cuz i dont remeber anything indicating that?

NewMonday3362d ago

Better than the original Spider-Man movie, the charecters are much stronger, not only Peter Parker but also the charecter of Spider-Man, and the rest of the cast were all great.

Also loved how they mixed the seriose with the funny

sikbeta3362d ago


Nice to know man, I'll not be disappointed with this movie for sure, I didn't see any spoilers of anything, but it can't be worst than Spiderman 3 with sissy maguire lol, I have high hopes and I'm sure this movie will deliver :D

NewMonday3362d ago

He changes from good to bad and back becaus of the reptile cold blood influance on him, it kills his conscience, in the end he was cured from it

it is the same in the comics

Hayabusa 1173362d ago

I thought the Toby Maguire ones were good back then, but things have moved on a bit and this film keeps it up to date.

Perhaps what Soldierone means about how he developes his powers is how he's almost constantly casually breaking stuff throughout the movie and everyone treats it like he's normal, or they all know he has powers. Nothing wrong with the radioactive spider bite or anything, I actually quite like how he gradually learns his abilities. But the other guy was right, the train scene did feel a little awkward, as did the scene where he catches and throws the football. I think it was their attempt at Transformers style humour (like the transformers in the garden) but it just doesn't work because it's too OTT for a kid trying to hide his super powers.

The Lizard guy has always been more of a good guy then bad, but I don't think they didn't convey that well. If you've watched the older cartoons, you'll get that it's totally him to turn good in the end, but obviosuly they didn't flesh him out properly in this film because people who don't know his character from the comics/cartoons all seem to say the same thing. It's a shame really because I think he's one of the few baddies that get's the "bad but good" thing right.

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Saleem1013362d ago

This movie was terrible dude doesn't even resemble Peter Parker from comics lol, second Toby McGuire looks more like spiderman from comics...

Kran3362d ago

So it's fairly good then.

Hayabusa 1173362d ago

It's very good, I'd probably rank it under The Avengers and first Iron Man film. I might say it's as good as Batman Begins: not perfect, but it does the job.

Saleem1013362d ago

It's not good movie dont believe hype wait for new batman...

aDDicteD3357d ago

just saw this movie last weekend and i have to say it is a fresh start again for the franchise, a lot of people say its a rip off of raimi's spiderman back in 2002 but it is a more accurate re telling of the story. its good they focused on how peter was troubled and curious about the whereabouts of his parents. the movie was fantastic my only wish is that they gave lizard more backstory than a manacing CGI monster ...they should show more about his family or achievements ..i rememeber in the animated series and in the previous spiderman that he started out as a good guy. but anyway the movie is pretty much solid from start to finish.