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CG Review - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Adapted from a novel by Seth Grahame-Smith (a follow up to his best-selling Jane Austen/zombie mash-up Pride And Prejudice And Zombies) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter finally uncovers repressed truths to tell the secret tale of honest Abe’s early days killing vampires before becoming a politician and also how those pesky bloodsuckers returned just in time for a little battle in Gettysburg. Getting into specifics about the “plot” is pointless since it’s just as absurd to describe as it is to watch and would probably make even less sense when condensed to a summary than when stretched to 105 hilarious n’ ridiculous minutes.

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aDDicteD3358d ago

at the end of the movie i didnt know if i liked this movie or not. it was action filled and cool but its not memorable in any sense after watching.