The Essentials: The 5 Best Tom Cruise Performances, On The Star's 50th Birthday

The Playlist:
Tom Cruise turns 50 today, and he's probably had better birthdays. His latest film, "Rock of Ages," was a box office disappointment, and on Friday, it emerged that Katie Holmes, his third wife and mother of his daughter Suri, was filing for divorce. Just as things were seemingly starting to get back on track after a difficult half decade -- last year's "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" was his biggest hit ever -- it looks like the actor is hitting another rough patch.

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alycakes2929d ago

Aside from MI Ghost Protocol, I don't really agree with this list much. I do like the movies they mention...especially Collateral and Minority Report but they haven't been the best by any means.

miamicanesruleall2928d ago

Personally I like Cruise in The Last Samurai. That was a good movie.

alycakes2928d ago

I agree...that was the movie I saw that got me to start watching his movies again.

SnakeCQC2928d ago

hes the face of scientologist a cult that rupert murdoch called evil

aviator1892927d ago

Many people may discredit him for his role in Scientology, but I like to separate his acting work from his personal life. He's a great actor who's definitely fun to watch in his movies. I especially loved his performance in Jerry Maguire among several other movies.

aDDicteD2922d ago

i havent watched magnolia and color of money. but for me his best portrayal was minority report.