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Poster & Trailer For Fifth & Final Season Of 'Fringe'

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“Fringe” was one of those shows that seemed under threat of cancellation at the end of its fourth season, but it was also one of those shows that had a passionate and vocal fan base who were able to convince Fox to bring it back for a fifth and final season. That final run of 13 episodes will kick off on September 28th and will pick up after the events of the season 4 finale which (SPOILER ALERT) saw the return of Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell, as well as the death and subsequent resurrection of Anna Torv’s Olivia Dunham (SPOILER END). That episode was apparently written as a possible series finale in the event that the show wouldn’t be picked up for a fifth season, but thankfully that wasn’t be the case. We’ve now got a new poster and promo for the final season, which will culminate with the show’s 100th episode.

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alycakes3365d ago

Hopefully I can catch up on this before it ends.

sjaakiejj3364d ago

Looking forward to it. Season 4 was great :D