Discuss: Can Taylor Kitsch's 2012 Be Saved By 'Savages'

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From a brand perspective, actor Taylor Kitsch has had an unfortunate 2012. With the movie industry dealing with a rocky past few years, Hollywood has had to adjust its strategy, moving to a familiar but relatively new spending plan. With A-list stars demanding huge salaries or major backend deals with little assurance that their popularity will translate into box-office gold, Tinseltown has looked inward, almost akin to the old studio system, in an attempt to cultivate its own fresh (less-expensive) would-be stars.

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alycakes3364d ago

I think he's under rated...I like him a lot and think he did great in John Carter. I just wish they had maybe released it at a different time.

I actually think he would make a perfect Eric Draven when they make The Crow but that's just my opinion.

MinimeJer053363d ago

He did a fantastic job in John Carter and a "meh" job in Battleship.

No, Savages doesn't save him. It actually makes him look worse.

xVeZx3363d ago

wow he was in battleship too? wow he should fire his agent lol

alycakes3363d ago

That's what I'm thinking too.

aDDicteD3358d ago

unlikely, the savages have mixed reviews so far, and if the film does fairly well in the box office(provided that its up against spiderman), it might be because it has a good story and a strong cast. the only point that he can be saved by this movie if his character steals the show.