Are International Box Office Results For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Actually 'Amazing?'

EW Inside Movies:
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back!

Five years after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 netted $890 million at the worldwide box office, Sony’s franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is starting its own box office rollout.

The Marc Webb-directed action movie, which will will swing its way into U.S. theaters on July 3, premiered this weekend in 13 international territories (nine in Asia, and four in Europe, which is fixated on the 2012 Euro Cup) and earned $50.2 million.

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alycakes3745d ago

Can't wait to see this. I know this is one I won't be able to see the first day now that kids are out of school the theaters will be I'll probably have to wait a few days.

sikbeta3744d ago

Same here, but different reason :P can't wait to watch this movie, I hope it delivers, high expectations here :D

alycakes3744d ago

I think it will deliver. I don't expect to like it as much as I loved The Avengers but I know I will like it a lot because it's going to be so much different than what we are used to.

Soldierone3744d ago

Its my most hyped movie of the summer! Cant resist but to see it opening day, even if the crowds suck.

Nikhil3744d ago

Hey look who it is :p

gaden_malak3743d ago

I'd rather see a movie with no crowd. Means there is more chance you get that obnoxious a/hole who talks or makes noises throughout.

The Great Melon3743d ago


If the movie you go see has a cult following like many comic movies or sci-fis, it is great to see on opening night. Sure it may be crowded and a bit more noisy, but it is great to be with a crowd that actively enjoys the movie.

Now going to see the movie during opening week during the day, you tend to get more of the "obnoxious a/hole".

JL3743d ago

Most hyped? Even over TDKR? I can't say that at all. TDKR is my most hyped movie of the year..period. That being said, Spider-Man has to be the comic book movie I'm looking forward to most behind TDKR. That even counts Avengers. Looking forward to this one more than I did Avengers.

And honestly, I think this could be better than Avengers. Don't get me wrong, Avengers was good. But it wasn't "best comic book movie eveR!!!" like many claimed.

With a great cast, and what appears to be some good writing, this looks like it could be very good. Especially after seeing what I have seen on this movie.

gaden_malak3743d ago

Fair enough. Can't say I've ever been to a movie that was packed, except for Avatar and Dark Knight. They were pretty good.

Soldierone3742d ago

@JL yep more than TDKR. I'm a big Batman fan too, but an even bigger Spider-Man film

After seeing it....I have no regrets. EASILY the best comic book film, and easily one of my all time favorite movies I've ever seen. I'll be going back to see it again!

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gaden_malak3743d ago

Can't wait either. Going to see it on Sunday at IMAX in 3D.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33743d ago

It's budgeted at 80 million dollars. There are worse things that could happen then the latest spiderman movie not breaking the speed of sound.

extermin8or3743d ago

ummmm I believe it cost $280 million, and Sony aren't exactly in a position to make a loss on this film :s but it's a big franchise the fans alone that will see it even if they don't like the idea of a reboot should ensure it makes a profit I'd have thought :p

TheCritic283743d ago

I believe its closer to $200 million...$280 million would make it the most expensive movie of all time, lol.

sjaakiejj3743d ago

Budget was ~$220 Million, and world wide box office is currently at ~$150 Million, so it's in a very comfortable position I'd say.

WitWolfy3743d ago

I'm not expecting TOO MUCH of this of this reboot... But who knows, maybe it will blow me away...

level 3603743d ago

It's going to be spectacular am sure of it and I think they picked a great new casts' of actors. Looking forward.

one2thr3743d ago

Just got done watching the movie, and I think it was f'n awesome... It was long, and things werent crambed together or bunched up like the series before it, to me it had perfect pacing... And that the story/plot was more about the story of peter parker, and what makes him "Spider Man"...

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