Falling Skies Preview: Ben's Bond With the Skitters 'Will Scare the Hell Out of the 2nd Mass'

While most everyone in Falling Skies‘ 2nd Mass is looking sideways at Tom Mason, given his extended stay on the alien invaders’ spaceship, no one has noticed that Ben (played by Connor Jessup) is, for starters, withholding intel from his scouting expeditions.

Nor, more critically, did anyone see Red-Eye perform some sort of “Jedi mind trick” on the middle Mason lad in the wake of the critters’ lethal assault on Jimmy.

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alycakes3372d ago

I hate to say this but I haven't really been drawn to this show this season...don't know's probably just me.

Soldierone3371d ago

I hated season 1, but I've actually been enjoying this season. The writing isn't as in-depth as I'd like, and a bit simplistic, but its still fun to watch.

Soldierone3371d ago

Possible spoilers below

The thing I don't understand is how nothing between these characters really flows.

1 They are all supposedly afraid of Tom because he was on the ship, and don't trust him. Yet they are entirely fine with Ben and that giant thing in his back?

2 They are letting him scout alone, even after the other character died?

alycakes3371d ago

I guess that's the problem I was having and thought it was just not making sense to me.

Kran3370d ago

Darn spoilers. I aint even finished watching the first season. Now I know he's alright :(

Kran3370d ago

From that picture, if you squint, he kind of looks like justin bieber :/ thats sad...