Weekend Box Office: 'Ted' & 'Magic Mike' Smash Expectations, Dominate Box Office

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areified air. This weekend's box office took cinematic moneymaking to a new high, with four movies registering eight-figure Fridays for the first time in history, leading to a bonanza that almost every studio enjoyed. Leading the way and outdoing all expectations was "Ted," the teddy bear-Marky Mark bromantic comedy that brought in a spectacular $54.1 million. It marks the third highest R-rated opening of all time behind "The Hangover Part II" and "Sex And The City."

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SHA3737d ago

Hearing nothing but great things about this movie. Definitely have to check it out next weekend.

JL3736d ago

Watched it last night myself. It was hilarious. I'd definitely recommend going to see it. Especially if you're a fan of Seth's work and don't mind seeing it cranked up a notch on the vulgarity/offensive/crudeness scale. I laughed my ass off.

chrisarsenalsavart3735d ago

the movie,s budget is already paid back after only 3 days.
Beware WINNY THE POO, there,s a new teddy bear in L.A

TheCritic283735d ago

Seth MacFarlane does it again...the man's practically unstoppable at this point.