The Amazing Reboot

Boolean Flix writes "A reboot should not to be confused with a remake. The latter is often a standalone film with no prospects of taking it further into sequels, while a reboot takes a successful series (most likely ones that defined or helped build a genre) and effectively starts them again. The prime example being the soon to be released ‘The Amazing Spider-man’."

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Kran3370d ago

I just felt like it was too soon for a reboot though...

2015; ok yes that's more reasonable, but 2012 feels a little too early.

OSIRUSSS3370d ago

I can wait for the Matrix and Lord of the Rings reboots. They will be awesome.

extermin8or3369d ago

lol lord of the rings certainly wouldn't work as a reboot the peter jackson ones are just too good and they are only just sorting the hobbit out, Matrix I can't comment as I never watched all that much found te 1st part of the 1st one pretty crappy didn't watch anymore?
Anyway as this film was really quite good personally idc if it's a reboot or not, the cast and script etc also seemed massively improved; I eagerly await the sequel to see what happens :)hopefully it will just improve and become even better by with the 2nd unlike last time :(

aDDicteD3363d ago

the reboot of spiderman was too soon but because of its massive fan base..i think its easy to swallow. a lot of people complaining about hollywood milking the franchise but at the end of the day people watch this movies and are amazed nevertheless...if movies are rebooted quickly but this damn good..theres no need for criticizing.