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New Resident Evil: Retribution Banner Finds Alice in a Wasteland

Sony's Screen Gems revealed a new banner for Resident Evil: Retribution, opening September 14th. The tagline takes an Alice in Wonderland approach and screams "Alice in Wasteland" and finds Milla Jovovich's heroine Alice walking amongst the ruins of wrecked Umbrella Corporation submarines. Check out the banner inside.

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alycakes3366d ago

I'm actually excited about this one...I was disappointed in Afterlife and I'm hoping that this one makes up for it. The trailers I've seen so far seem to tell me that it will but you never know.

JL3365d ago

I actually liked Afterlife as well. I've like the entire franchise. I don't get why people rag on it so much. If I'm honest, I'd have to say this whole franchise lands on my list of "good video game-to-movie adaptations". I'll be looking forward to this one as well.

alycakes3365d ago

Don't know anything about the games but my neighbor told me that Alice isn't even in the main that true. To me she's the whole story.

JL3365d ago

That's true. Alice was created for the films.

TheCritic283365d ago

Never really been a fan of this franchise...the film's of Paul W.S Anderson do nothing for me.