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Katy Perry Part Of Me Review | Capsule Computers

Capsule Computers writes: "Have you got what it takes to aim for the top and to reach your dreams? What are the obstacles that lay before you? Are you willing to put everything on the line to make it to the top and to reach the heights in which your dream lay?

If you answered yes to absolutely all of those questions, then you may very well be Katy Perry, one of the worlds largest and most influential pop idols. Not only is she an amazing singer and an amazing performer, she is also an inspiration to all. How do we know this? Katy’s documentary, Katy Perry Part Of Me, proves this to us by showcasing her triumph from a girl with high ambitions, to a girl achieving those ambitions whilst not sacrificing that which got her there – her friends and fans.

Be sure to read on for our review of what is, I believe, one of the most inspiring and influential films of our generation."

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masterabbott3368d ago

looks like a pretty good movie, plus Kate Perry is a hottie!

moosekebabs3368d ago

Fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Congratulations, you have fallen victim to the advertising juggernaut.

coaidant3368d ago

That Katy Perry film is actually good? Lolwut?

smikey11233365d ago

I honestly can't see this being accurate. It seems to be a bit on the fan side to be unbiased.