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Ten Characters Who Should Be Featured In The Avengers Sequels


Which heroes should join Iron Man, Captain America, etc. in the inevitable sequels to Marvel's The Avengers? I've compiled a list of ten heroes who I believe should be a part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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OneAboveAll3372d ago

The Sentry. We need to see Marvels superman on the big screen even though he's part of the New Avengers.

level 3603371d ago

Read they wanted to add more heroines for the next film so maybe after the Wasp ( who I think wouldn't look good on film ) should think about Scarlet Witch who actually came before Black Widow.

hazelamy3371d ago

Wanda might be linked too closely with the X-Men to feature in an Avengers movie, she is Magneto's daughter after all.

i'd love to see Ms Marvel though.

SilentNegotiator3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

The film rights issue with Spiderman is stupid. Spiderman belongs to Marvel, not Sony. Marvel must have really screwed up with the contract terms if they're still afraid to use Spiderman in things that aren't Spiderman-centric, and over a decade later from the first film, to boot.

"Would bring more ethnicity to the roster"
A failed way of thinking. Forcing ethnic diversity is getting ridiculous in our society....people even think we have to force it in entertainment. lol, smh

hkgamer3371d ago

Marvel was in trouble around that time, nearly bankrupt.

Selling movie rights to movie studios was a clever thing to do, since superhero movies all suck and very low budget. FOX and Sony pretty much made the super hero franchises huge and made everyone realise that money can actually be made.

How most of the film rights work is that the movie studios will have to release a movie within a certain amount of years otherwise that studio will lose the rights to that license. Or Marvel can spend a whole load of money and either buy back the spiderman license or loan him.

badz1493371d ago

IP own by Marvel/Disney, Movie right is Sony's and games right is Activision! would love to see Spidey in Avengers though but well...Marvel still have lots of candidates for the next Avengers.

SilentNegotiator3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

That's a real shame. I really like Spiderman and seeing his IP being pulled in so many directions is unfortunate.

I guess its a lot of hindsight. Still, for them to have not seen the potential...well, that's just sad. And now they're in deep.

darkequitus3371d ago

I would love to see the Vision. However, you can't have Vision without his creator, Ultron. And no Ultron without his creator, Henry Pym.

Ms. Marvel is out with the Kree.

000013371d ago

black panther, war machine, ant man, miss marvel, anything fantastic for, seriously where the hell is Dr.Doom.

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