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Movies Hate You Too writes:

A feature film directed by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane? It’s a concept that up until a few months ago I had never given much thought to. Imagine my surprise when I first heard about Ted and my even greater surprise that it was a live action film and not an animated feature. It’s a big jump to go from a thirty minute animated sitcom to a feature film but after seeing Ted I’m surprised it took this long for it to happen.

Life was tough for John Bennett, he was a lonely and awkward child until he received a very special Christmas present… a stuffed bear that he named Teddy. One night John wished that Teddy could talk so they could be real best friends and to everyone’s surprise his wish came true and an ordinary stuff bear came to life and changed John’s life forever. Twenty-five years later John and Ted are still inseparable which interferes with his dead end job and his relationship with his girlfriend Lori. After growing tired of being the third wheel Lori demands that John make her his priority in life by making Ted move out on his own.

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