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Exclusive Office Spin-Off Scoop: Find Out Who's Who Down on The Farm

The Office's Dwight Schrute has a dream to be a boss, and it’s inching closer to being a reality.

TVLine has secured exclusive intel on casting for The Farm, the buzzed-about planted spin-off to star Rainn Wilson‘s ambitious off-kilter character. The prospective off-shoot will sneak peek as an episode of The Office’s upcoming Season 9 before getting the green light to make a go of it on its own.

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alycakes3376d ago

OMG! A spinoff? A farm? What are they thinking?

JL3376d ago

I think it could be fun actually. Dwight can be awesome and I'll at least give it a shot, with some decent expectations.

alycakes3376d ago

Are they suppose to be playing the same character and they just move to a farm or are they completely different characters?

Actually the farm plot would be funnier than the office, I think.

JL3376d ago

Yeah, it's the same characters and all. This is just a different look, focusing on Dwight and his life on the beet farm.

alycakes3376d ago

Then, yes, that would be something I would give a chance and watch to see where they would take it.