AMC Adds "Dark Knight Rises" Midnight Shows to Meet Demand

Chicago Tribune

Everyone knew that "The Dark Knight Rises" was going to be huge, but just how big... well, that's up for debate.

It is way too premature to declare Christopher Nolan's final Batman film a blockbuster on the level of "Avatar" and "The Avengers," but news Friday that the country's second largest theater chain, AMC, is adding more midnight showings to meet demand, signals it could hit those rarified heights.

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Soldierone3131d ago

Still won't be going to AMC to watch it. I can go elsewhere for literally half the price, with better quality chairs and screens.

MinimeJer053131d ago

Agreed. AMC Theatres are probably the worst in the country.

Soldierone3131d ago

and they are now owned by China, so its fitting lol