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5 Directors Who Could Helm Marvel's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Movie

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After much speculation, it seems that we now know the identity of Marvel's secret film that's been long targeted for a May 2014 release. And it's not "Ant-Man," or "Black Panther," or "Runaways," or "Doctor Strange." It's "Guardians Of The Galaxy," the cosmic adventure that was a favorite in the 1970s before being revived recently.

Originally, the Guardians were a group of superpowered individuals from an alternate timeline in the 31st century, including human astronaut Vance Astro, humanoid crystal Martinex T'Naga, soldier from Jupiter Charlie-27, and Yonda Udonta, a savage from Beta Centurai. The team (whose lineup would have other shifts), battled a number of adversaries, including alien race the Badoon, and teamed up with The Avengers before the series was cancelled in the 1990s.

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