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10 Best And 5 Worst Movie-Inspired TV Shows

EW Inside TV:
What Worked: No one could have predicted the phenomenon that would result when a young Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped into the shoes of Buffy Summers — except maybe creator Joss Whedon. But there turned out to be a lot more to the ditzy cheerleader with a destiny (originally played by Kristy Swanson). Add in a band of loyal Scoobies, a couple of mysterious (and hot!) vampires, and you have a series that will live on well past the apocalypse. (We know it can; they lived through several.)

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3374d ago
alycakes3374d ago

Some of these turned out to be pretty good and very long running tv shows.

hilyou3374d ago

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! One of my favourite TV shows.

alycakes3374d ago

I know...I have all seven season sets and watch them at least once a year. That was one of the best tv show ever on...never get tired of seeing it.

level 3603373d ago

I'm with you on that alycakes! Also the original game on XBox absolutely nailed the theme of the show. I still play the game every now and then, it is simply brilliant.

You can tell on The Avengers movie the wit and humor of Joss Whedon that we used to see and enjoy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel and Firefly TV Series.

NonApplicable3373d ago

Don't support this "one slide per page with less than a paragraph of text" nonsense.