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The Daily Rotation - Magic Mike Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Leave it to a guy like Steven Soderbergh to make a film about male-stripping starring heartthrob Channing Tatum and ladies man Matthew McConaughey. Only a director as talented as Soderbergh could make a film as wild as this work on so many levels. Magic Mike isn’t just an excuse to show the females more Tatum and McConaughey skin. It’s actually an excuse to tell a fascinating story about a character with conflicting career paths. One that leads him down the path of money and women and one that leads him down the path of self-fulfillment and a relationship that is more than just sex and a good time. Magic Mike is exciting and daring filmmaking that will surprise you with its layers and never disappoint you with its characters."

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alycakes3746d ago

My daughter and her friends are having a girls night out and going to see this tonight.

MinimeJer053745d ago

They shouldn't be disappointed! Why aren't you joining them?

alycakes3745d ago

They told me I could but it's not for me...I got my cute honey at home.