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The Amazing Spider-Man Extra Scene During the Credits Hints at Sequel

MediaStinger: "There is a mid-credit scene during the credits of The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out more details and spoilers below."

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DarkBlood3375d ago

i think its obvious to have a sequal, also a word of warning i read that the spiderman game is actually canon as its got movie plot spoliers so if your playing it i suggest you stop now lol

extermin8or3374d ago

yeah apparently it takes place after the movie and doesn't have loads of story stuff that would ruin understanding a 2nd film when it's out but does contain spoilers which is why I cancelled my order :p till end of next week if the film is good :)

StarWarsFan3374d ago

If it's true, I hope they don't just bring back the Green Goblin in the sequel. Otherwise this movie is revisiting how Spider-Man came to be and its sequel will even reuse the villain. Spider-Man has so many solid enemies, why get so attached to Norman Osborn?

extermin8or3374d ago

Because they've already said that Gwen Stacy's fate won't be deviated from so as I assume they will make at least 3 films (although I doubt they'll number them probably give them subtitles under the name "The Amazing spiderman:.....) and to follow her story through properly they need the green goblin- he wasn't originally Spider man's like main nemisis, Doc Ock was I believe well until after the events I'm refrenceing hopefully some people will get it :p

hilyou3374d ago

I'm getting a Iron Man vibe. I think Sony wants to replicate the success of Marvel with them copying the after credits scene from Marvel.