IGN: Brand X With Russell Brand "Pilot" Review

Advance Review: I was on the fence about how I should treat this write up, since FX’s new late night series, Brand X with Russell Brand, isn’t exactly something that’s easily "reviewable." So even though this thing will have an IGN score at the end, treat it like an impressions piece. This first episode, out of an initial order of just six, was filmed this past Monday night - In order to keep the topics of discussion fresh and relevant, Brand X will shoot at the top of the week that it airs. And while initial press releases regarding this new show deemed it FX’s first foray into the “Late Night Arena,” Brand X is not done in the time-honored late night format. It is an attempt to capture the rapport that comedian Russell Brand has with intimately-sized comedy club audiences.

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Did anyone watch this and if you did, what did you think?

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