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Brave Review | Metal Arcade

Zachary Kircher of Metal Arcade writes:

It can be said that Pixar is one of the most successful, popular and beloved movie studios of all-time. Credited with inventing the computer-animated film back in 1995 with Toy Story, the Disney-owned studio has been riding the road to both commercial and critical success ever since. Well, at least until Cars 2 was released last summer. Sure, it made crap tons of money at the worldwide box office, but that film was the first of Pixar’s to receive mostly mixed reviews. After that, I feared that one of my favorite film studios would fall to ruin, releasing failure after failure with critics. However, my faith was rekindled when the trailers were issued for Brave, Pixar’s latest film which is also their first fairy tale. It should also be made clear that this is the first film of theirs to have a female protagonist, so I guess it can be said that Brave is a fresh change of pace for Pixar. Could Brave possibly be the perfect turnaround that the studio desperately needs to get back on tr...

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