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Comic-Con: Changes to Autograph Ticket System for Warner Bros. Properties

The Collider:
If you haven’t been to Comic-Con in recent years, it pretty much looks like the above picture. We recently provided you with a first timer’s survival guide for attending, but this update affects even the most grizzled of veterans. Warner Bros. is offering a slew of autograph signing opportunities, but you must first make your way to the Sails Pavilion on the morning of the signing you’re interested in, in order to get a ticket. Those tickets will give you a chance to get a wristband, which gets you into the autograph sessions. There will be one line for all ticket drawings for all signings. Don’t forget, you must have your Con Badge before attempting to get into the Pavilion. Hit the jump for more details in the full press release.

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alycakes3370d ago

Yes...good idea this gets really crazy there.

Cat3369d ago

Makes sense but I love it: get your CC badge, go to pavilion, get ticket to get wristband, get wristband, get autograph?