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Marvel’s 2014 Movie Revealed ***Update - Confirmed***

Latino Review

They’ve been buying up domain names and we rapidly approach Comic Con, everyone knows Marvel is about to drop a movie-bomb on us and now, Latino Review knows what it is.

Usually good old Da7e is trotted out of his studding pasture to talk to you about comics he knows something about, this – however – is bit out of my league and, of course, out of THIS WORLD.

Marvel’s plan has been 2 superhero movies in their Unified Film Universe each year. Next year will bring us the new entries into the ‘Thor’ and ‘Iron Man’ and 2014 will bring us ‘Captain America 2′

Confirmed to be true -

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SHA3371d ago

Nothing has been revealed until Marvel makes an official announcement.

OneAboveAll3371d ago

Considering it's Latino-Review and everything they leak when it comes to Marvel movies i'd say it's right.

(and the fact big wheels at Marvel have said they plan on doing a Guardians movie anyways)

Crazay3370d ago

Latino has had some very very good sources - We can;t necessarily say it's gospel but I think it's safe to say they're either bang on or not far from the bullseye.

Crazay3370d ago

Apparently it's been confirmed.

SilentNegotiator3370d ago

Hopefully Iron Man 3 is....good.

2 was so utterly meh.

KrimsonKody3369d ago

Sequels to movies we already knew were in fruition.

If they wanna make fans soak their panties,
Announce an Infinity Gauntlet movie!
(at least that's what I thought from looking @ the article image).