How I’d Fix It: Brave

"How I'd Fix It" is a new column by writer Dan Schindel discussing some of the little, and big changes that might have turned a flop into a blockbuster, or a good movie into a great movie.

From the opening paragraph, Dan writes, "Brave is not a bad movie. It is far, far, far away from anything resembling bad. It’s gorgeously animated, wonderfully voiced, and contains some terrific setpieces. The worst can be said about the film is that it’s sort of blandly forgettable. But since it didn’t live up to all the potential it had, I still want to talk about it. Sure, this column isn’t called How I’d Improve Movies that are Already Good but Could be Better, but that’s only because it would be too much of a mouthful (plus there’s no ring to it)."

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