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Edward R. Pressman Brings Archaia's "Feeding Ground" to the Big Screen

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Last month, Archaia Entertainment announced that "The Crow" producer Edward R. Pressman had acquired the rights to "Feeding Ground," Archaia's horror graphic novel created by Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski and Chris Mangun. The story follows Diego Busqueda, a smuggler who ferries people across the U.S.-Mexico border, and his family as they're caught between drug cartel members, the U.S. Border Patrol and a pack of werewolves.

CBR News spoke with Pressman about the impetus to develop "Feeding Ground" into a film, bringing on Alfonso Gomez-Rejon as director and Carlos Coto as screenwriter, the depth of the comic book medium for film storytelling and an update on the upcoming reboot of "The Crow" movie.

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alycakes3377d ago

I just wish they would make The Crow first. It's been a long time coming.