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'Crash' Writer Bobby Moresco To Direct Thriller 'The Harbor'

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and though we haven't read it, we're going to assume that JP O'Donnell's "Deadly Codes" isn't exactly a literary masterwork. But clearly, "Crash" writer Bobby Moresco has seen something in material to make it worth of a movie, as he's setting it up as his next directorial project.

While primarily known as the screenwriter for Paul Haggis' divisive Oscar winner, Moresco has also gotten behind the camea as well, most notably for gangster flick "10th & Wolf" as well as episodes for the since canceled series "The Black Donnellys" and "Crash" (both of which had Haggis working on them as well). He's also been busy as a screenwriter penning "Castro's Daughter" which will star Antonio Banderas and he was also tasked with doing a rewrite on Todd Field's gangster tale "Hubris." All this to say, the man is no neophyte, but right now, his focus seems to be on directing.

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