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Rebooting 'Spider-Man', In a Flash

IBN Live:
On a weekend in January of 2010, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios pivoted faster than even Spider-Man would dare.

A fourth installment of the hugely popular Spider-Man franchise was planned, with director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire returning to their trilogy of films that had earned more than $2.5 billion at the global box office and generally been hailed as a standard-bearer in big-screen comic book adaptations.

But by that Monday, Raimi's dissatisfaction with the script and the producers' eagerness for a new movie had come to a head. In a flash, the sequel was kaput, and a reboot was ordered up. Next Tuesday, The Amazing Spider-Man will be released, charting a new start for the web-slinger just five years after Spider-Man 3.

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alycakes3374d ago

Hollywood has their way about doing that. They see dollar signs mostly but as long as they put out a good product for the fans...let it be.