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Great Debate: Is Mark Wahlberg Funny?


Back in 2010, during the run-up to the release of Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, our own Katey Rich wrote an editorial titled “Rant: Mark Wahlberg Is Not That Funny, And We Need To Stop Telling Him He Is.” In the article she argued that while the actor has his moments, his particular style suffers from diminishing returns and that he would be better off sticking to the dramas and action flicks that made him a star. Let’s now fast forward to the present, where the latest Wahlberg film, the Seth MacFarlane-directed Ted, is about to hit theaters. The new movie has the actor showing a whole new side to his style, dropping the always-angry routine in favor of playing a laid-back stoner who enjoys spending his days with an anthropomorphic teddy bear. But has the argument changed? Is Mark Wahlberg now considered "funny?"

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