Blasted Iceberg! Why The Avengers Won't Be Able to Take Down Titanic

E Online:
On April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic ran into an iceberg—and, 100 years in the future, The Avengers got sunk.

See, despite making history Tuesday by reaching $600 million at the domestic box office, the Marvel superhero movie will be denied a shot at making at more history, and ascending higher in the ranks of Hollywood's all-time hits.

And it's sort of all the iceberg's fault.

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alycakes3375d ago

Still not too sure about that...maybe in the long stretch.

alycakes3375d ago

I think it is still possible for The Avengers to get to the point that it will pass it. The only thing that made it harder was their release of the movie in 3D that all the fans went to see.

Solid_Malone3374d ago

avengers was crap, way overrated and most of it was cgi which is such a shame since movies heavily dependent on cgi do show their age at some point.

What i encourage is chris nolan's movies, since his action is mostly pure except when it involves Harvey Dent's face :/

OneAboveAll3374d ago

Because his movies don't have any cgi at all right? /s

Another DC fanboy, back under your bridge.

Solid_Malone3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

nope not really, i'm jus a chris nolan fanboy tbh. Also love spiderman but the movies didnt give it justice, heres hoping amazing spiderman does a better job.

tbh, cgi is only great if its used creatively not for action sequences.

seen_it3374d ago

Next week Spider-Man opens. And 2.5 weeks later TDKR. Avengers getting another $60 to beat Titanic would be more amazing than the Miracle Mets.

hilyou3373d ago

I don't think so really.

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