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The Dark Knight Rises Director Nolan 'Will Join 3D Revolution', Claims RealD

The Telegraph:

Nolan is the one of the last major action directors to refuse to shoot digitally and in three dimensions, arguing that large format 2D film offers audiences a more cinematic experience.

The Dark Knight Rises, the third in his Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, expected to be the summer’s biggest blockbuster, will eschew stereoscopic techniques and instead aim to push IMAX 70mm film technology to its limits.

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JL3370d ago

LOL! Yeah right. Nolan is an auteur that has respect for his craft. He's expressed his dislike for 3D. Given the power that he has in Hollywood now, he's simply not going to be bullied into using it. The difference between Nolan and the big name directors this article mentions is that Nolan is still very much an indie director at heart. He's like Kevin Smith or Tarantino in that way. He's not going to succumb to Hollywood trends just cause it's what everybody else is doing.

Downtown boogey3369d ago

It wouldn't hurt to be able to see his movies in 3D, though, right?

MinimeJer053364d ago

Why? If the director doesn't have any intentions of shooting the film for 3D then seeing it in 3D would be as pointless as converting 2D source material to 3D on those new 3D TV's.

It's defeating the purpose, really.

alycakes3370d ago

I totally agree...he told everyone that he wouldn't do TDK in 3D and as hard as they tried to convince him...he stuck to his guns...

hilyou3368d ago

Like that will ever happen. But maybe he will when the tech improves and is good as in detail/brightness/quality as IMAX if not better.