Is the Spider Swatting Up For a New Role?

DailyMail UK

It is the secret that keeps on spinning and has cast a web of intrigue through the corridors of Hollywood.

But the mystery over whether Spider-Man will join Thor, Hulk and Iron Man in a crime-fighting super sequel may have been blown apart after actor Andrew Garfield was spotted with a bundle of Avengers magazines under his arm.

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Crazay3369d ago

Personally i think they're overreaching here but I posted it just in case something comes from this. I'm sure we all know that they'd love to get this franchise back in some way so perhaps there's a deal going on in the background to at least allow a minor cross over. I kinda doubt the companies could play nice though.

SHA3369d ago

This has REACH written all over it since Garfield has gone public saying he has always been a comic book fan and he is carrying the newest issues of Avengers Assemble which, coincidentally, has Thanos in it.

Anyone sit down to think that he is just carrying these newer issues because he is going to read them at his leisure????

Crazay3369d ago

I agree with you on that. Big deal - he probably is just reading for his own pleasure/enjoyment.

I wish I could get back into the comic collecting and reading. It's just too damn expensive and not enough time to keep up with it.

JL3369d ago

Here's something interesting to point out. Look closely at the stack of comic books he's carrying. The top two are the exact same comic. So, why does he have multiple copies of the same thing? I have no idea, but it's something I noticed and seems weird.

Crazay3368d ago

I saw that too, and noticed them right away. Could be that he buys 2 of every copy? 1 for reading and 1 for saving maybe?

JL3368d ago

That thought crossed my mind too. Though he seems to be carrying them semi haphazardly if the intention is to save one for collection purposes. But in the end, I'm sure none of it means anything.

Crazay3368d ago

True....maybe he was told to take a look at that source material in a lead up to the new info

user54670073368d ago

If Spiderman WAS going to be in the Avengers I would want another Spiderman...not Andrew

Sorry but he just isn't a good Spiderman, he looks and acts nothing like Peter Parker....he looks like one of those high school bullies that would of picked on Peter Parker. I mean I feel like they just slapped a pair of thick glasses on him and went "Oh right...there you go your Peter now". Least Toby looked like the part in the old Spiderman films...but still not someone who I would of liked to see in the Avengers.