Marvel Studios Exclusive: As Many as 3 Movies Per Year Possibly Planned For 2015 and Beyond There are no hotter rumors in Hollywood then that surrounding what Marvel Studios is calling "Phase 2," for their cinematic universe.

The first phase, per the studio, was the path that led them to The Avengers release in theaters this May and started back with the first Iron Man film in 2008. Fours years and six movies later, Marvel is beginning to take a step toward their next ensemble capstone movie, The Avengers 2.

But what about Phase 2 is different?

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JL3375d ago

3 per year? Plus whatever comic book/superhero movies anybody else is doing? Can we say overkill? If you thought the theaters were diluted with comic book movies now, just wait. Fans are really gonna start getting burned out on this genre at this rate. Hell, they already are to a certain extent.

SHA3375d ago

The Avengers taking in over $600 million domestically proves that fans are no where near being burnt out of this genre of film. Things are just getting going.

JL3375d ago

And then you have something like Green Lantern, which was a big disappointment, that says otherwise.

Granted, there are going to be hits. For instance, I know TDKR is going to crush at the box office. But at the same time, generally speaking, interest has waned.

Fans are becoming more critical of these movies. They've been burned too many times by the genre at this point. They're getting fed up with reboots, etc. For many reasons, the whole comic book genre is kind of at a crossroads of sorts. Fans are demanding quality. Hollywood is insistent upon just churning out as many of these comic book movies as they can. Forcing movie after movie after movie down our throats like this, isn't going to help the cause.

OneAboveAll3375d ago

Problem is Green Lanter is DC and we all know Marvel kicks DC's ass so your point is invalid.

JL3375d ago

That's a matter of perspective. I'd take Batman or Superman over anything Marvel has to offer any day.

But that's neither here nor there. A comic book movie is a comic book movie. This isnt a Marvel vs DC debate. All comic book movies are targeting the same demographic no matter who it comes from.

Bobertt3374d ago

I love the superhero movies, Avengers was one of the best movies ever. Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman have all been great movies. There are a shit ton of movies that can be based on the comics. And the comics are still in demand. So the movies will be too. I agree green lantern wasn't that good. But i wasn't that big of a fan of green lantern anyway. I don't read many of the comics so i never heard of hawkeye before but when they showed him i though he was great. So some of the lesser known characters can still become liked if they are shown off when they are with a more known character. Plus most super hero movies do well. Plus 3 a year is nothing, that is 6 hours out of an entire year and $22-$33 for the movie tickets. Im sure you watch more than 3 movies a year and can afford to spend $30 a year. As long as they direct the movies like they have so far they will still be great. Plus i think this is better because in say 5-10 years the actors who play the heros may get bored or not be able to play the part anymore. And then they will have to do a reboot and those suck cause they have to backtrack a little. So if they make as many now they can use the same actor.

SHA3375d ago

Green Lantern was a flop because it was terribly written and fans saw right through that. It wasn't the fault of the superhero character at all so we agree to disagree with that comparison.

Fans see right through bad writing every time.

JL3375d ago

That's part of the point. It wasnt always that fanboys were so selective. Used to the market was baren enough that merely putting out a comic book movie would put asses in seats. Now, it's not such a guarantee. Fanboys have become selective due to bad movies, yes. However, they have the option of being selective merely because of oversaturation. They know there will be plenty to choose from, so they can be selective.

Furthermore, quality doesnt entirely have an affect on sales. Fanboys are going to flock to movies they're interested in on opening weekend. It's hype that gets those opening weekend sales. Critical word of mouth moreso affects the longterm sales of a movie. So, underperforming on opening weekend is more a sign of lack of interest than it is people just hearing it sucks.

That being said, I'm not saying comic book movies wont contjnue to perform well (at least some) or that the genre is in immediate danger. I'm simply saying that it's moving that way. Oversaturation can hurt a market. This is eapecially true when there are so many mediocre products in that market. This quantity over quality mindset is just exacerbating the situation. I know countless people who have expreeseda waning interest in the genre due to there being so many shoved down our throats. So, continuing to do so could have an adverse effect on the market.

P.S. if Green Lantern isnt enough: Green Hornet, Ghost Rider 2, Scott Pilgrim, Kick-Ass and many more underperformed whether they were good or not. Hell, even Iron Man 2 couldnt manage to top the first movie in domestic sales.

Soldierone3374d ago

The question is will they be good movies? Or senseless action with a superhero in them?

I'm not saying I HATE Marvels movies, but a lot of them are no where near as interesting as the stories and events in the comics. Will they be origin stories? In-depth stories? Bigger events? Or just "oh hey, bad guy, big fight, ill be in the avengers, later!" again?

This is why I prefer Spider-Man with Sony.