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‘Star Trek 2’ Writer Alex Kurtzman Says James T. Kirk Will Be Challenged as a New Captain

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Same captain. Same Crew. But a new timeline.

With J.J. Abram’s reboot of “Star Trek,” there are countless storylines that one could develop for the Star Trek sequel in this new timeline.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed “Star Trek 2” writer Alex Kurtzman during a “People Like Us” event to dish out some hint (or any hint) on the upcoming sequel plot.

And Kurtzman provided a slight description on what we can expect for Captain Kirk and company in “Star Trek 2.”

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Crazay3371d ago

I'm super excited to see this movie. I really hope that the eventual 3rd movie doesn't take 3+yrs to get made like this one did.

BlackPrince 423371d ago

But the new James T. Kirk already is challenged.

Acting challenged.

Crazay3371d ago

Dude are you kidding me? I'm not going to say that Chris Pine is an Academy nominee, but he's quite good at the roles he gets. I thought he was a very good Kirk.

BlackPrince 423371d ago

Yeah and Matthew McChesticles is probably perfect for the roles he plays as well. Doesn't make him any less hollow.

Top IMDb movies for Chris Pine:

Star Trek
Just My Luck
This Means War

4 movies, same insipid fratboy character.