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Should Warner Brothers Reboot Green Lantern, Or Just Give It A Sequel?


With the news that came about earlier this month that Warner Brother is trying get a Justice League movie off the ground some rumors started circulating that they might reboot Green Lantern. Click here for my take on whether I think DC should reboot or just do a sequel.

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Crazay3377d ago

I've never been a Green lantern fan but I didn't have any problem with the movie. It was popcorn and gave me a better idea of who the character was. I saw bring on the sequel.

SHA3377d ago

Just revise Green Lantern in a future JLA ensemble movie, then move forward with the character in a solo flick after JLA. Problem solved.

Crazay3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Thats not a bad idea actually. Keep Ryan Reynolds, move ahead to a JLA movie, and then give him the sequel. good call sir.

Bubs up for that.

SHA3377d ago

It's somewhat taking what was done with the Hulk by Marvel, and adapting it for Green Lantern's future on the big screen.

BlackTar1873376d ago

Ryan reynolds was so fail in that movie. He has killed GL int he eyes of a million possible new fans.

MEsoJD3376d ago

No Ryan Reynolds is a douche-bag... They can do better.

Crazay3377d ago

for sure - i like it. Though I liked Hulk.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33376d ago

While I do agree that this would be the best option, they still need to drum up interest for a JL movie. Green Lantern is one of the focal characters and having your audience's last impression of him be a negative one is a major obstacle to overcome.

Soldierone3376d ago

Reboot it and I won't watch it. Tired of reboots just because a movie doesn't make monster sales....

The film was decent, not horrible and Ryan Reynolds could pull it off. Would he be a better Flash? Yeah but its too late for that now.

Crazay3376d ago

Well played buddy
Some very well placed points iin there.

BlackIceJoe3376d ago

I always thought he would have made a cool Barry Allen. But after some more thought I think John Krasinski could pull off a good version of him.

BlackTar1873376d ago

he ruined the movie

unless it something special i would not pay to see him in part 2 and im a huge comic buff

Soldierone3376d ago

Why would you want to watch the same story again just to get a new actor?

I think the next one should focus more on him being Green Lantern and it will be fine.

BlackTar1873376d ago

well soldierone . They messed up the story too so its not like they have to stick with that story anyways.

question is why would i want to watch a subpar sequel just because i don't want a hollywood reboot.

Im also not saying a reboot exactly change the actor and keep the continuity of the storyline.

Also the fact that they took one of the coolest strongest villains in paralax and made such a horrible story.

Anyways thanks for the response . I know im not the be all on this so i appreciate the rebuttal.

LOL_WUT3376d ago

Just give a sequel why reboot it? Just to make some quick buck? I swear Hollywood is running out of ideas.

GanjaMan3376d ago

hollywood has been running out of ideas for years now, look at how many reboot after reboot they've done! even more are coming like back to the future reboot, robocop, bladerunner, scarface (which is already a reboot of a reboot) and many more. lol they just released a spiderman reboot and its been what4 years since the last one? fuck hollywood

Lord_Sloth3376d ago

Give it a sequel! Maybe Reynolds can come back and hit a scheduling conflict with Highlander and they can cast Connor with some1 who's actually right for the role!

Kurylo3d3376d ago

no ones right for that role. Christopher Lambert is one of a kind. lol.

Lord_Sloth3376d ago

Dude that played Jaquen H'Ghar from Game of Thrones would be able to do it, I'm sure. XXXD

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