First Look at Chloe Moretz On Set of ‘Carrie’ – “It’s More Like the Book”

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A remake of the 1976 ‘Carrie’ film, based on the novel by Stephen King, is currently in production. Chloe Moretz is playing the titular role of Carrie, a painfully shy high school student who has telekinetic powers. Her casting is a big change from the original adaptation, since when Sissy Spacek played Carrie she was in her 20′s, while Chloe is only 15. Above you can see the first shot of Chloe on set of the film.

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Crazay3375d ago

I think this kid is going to make for a very good Carrie. She's extremely talented and already has proven herself to be able to play that loner role in Let Me In. I'll definitely watch this when it comes out.