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Joe Manganiello Talks About Missing Out On Man of Steel; Says Batman Reboot Is On His Radar


Check out to see what Joe Manganiello said about missing the opportunity to play Superman in Man of Steel, as well as him keeping an eye on the eventual reboot of the Batman franchise.

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SHA3377d ago

As Batman?! No way unless they want a dirtbag-looking Bruce Wayne and Batman. Pass.

Crazay3377d ago

Oh dude, he doesn't look like a dirtbag. he can shave and have a clean cut hairstyle so his actual facial appearance doesn't mean SFA to me - it's his physical size. the man is a beast and would have been much better suited for Superman as long as he had blue contacts in.

SHA3377d ago

Just as long as he's not Batman. No way. No thanks.

Crazay3377d ago

I think he could pull it off, but I agree that he'd probably be better suited to play ...someone else....I'm just not sure who.