Who Should Star in an All Girl Version of ‘Magic Mike?’


‘Magic Mike‘ is the latest Steven Soderbergh movie about male strippers and the challenges they face while grinding their hips into your girlfriend’s face every night. The movie is filled with lots of Hollywood beefcake, and even though the movie is an excellent one (it really is!) sadly some guys might never realize that because they’re turned off by having to stare at all of that man meat for two hours. But what if someone had made a ‘Magic Mike’ movie for men? And who would they cast?

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Crazay3376d ago

The problem with making a movie like this is that it would no doubt cause an uproar among women and female activists thereby killing any potential it has for actually making money. It's not bad enough that almost every day I see girls post pics of Super models with captions like "Someone get this girl a chicken wing" or "Real women don't look like this" even the proverbial "The public perception of what a woman should look like hurts us all" etc etc now but image how bad it would get if a movie like this were made?

I personally don't care that a movie like this was made or even the fact that it's likely completely and utter devoid of any substance and will still somehow make money - what I do take exception to is the double standard and hypocrisy there is about movies like these.