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It’s not just a bad adaptation of a book to the big screen, but a lifeless and bland movie in general. The only place “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” should play is in Ford’s Theater.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is an intriguing character study of one of America’s most famous presidents. Author Seth Grahame-Smith expertly blends fact with vampire lore, and makes the tale truly believable — or at least he does in the novel. The movie version of “Abraham Lincoln” is literally a different story altogether. Universally rewritten with ancillary characters and highly altered plot points, it contains none of the historical intrigue found in the book. Even if fans can look past Grahame-Smith’s blatant disregard for his own source material, viewers will find a movie with bizarre contrasts in tone and content and a plot that succumbs to its own ludicrousness.

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SHA3129d ago

This answered all of my questions regarding not seeing it in the first place. Haha.

aDDicteD3129d ago

I'm about to say the same thing lol

sjaakiejj3128d ago

I didn't read the book, which may or may not alter my perception of the movie. I just got back from watching it, and I really enjoyed the movie for what it was.