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‘Avengers’: Now You Can Own a Joss Whedon of Your Very Own

Hero Complex:

Figurines of Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock come packaged in a special edition DVD of Spurlock’s documentary “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.” (Wrekin Hill Entertainment / NECA Films)

What do you get the filmmaker behind the biggest superhero movie of all time? Perhaps an action figure with a familiar face.

As Joss Whedon celebrates his 48th birthday this week (and his film “The Avengers” closes in on “Titanic” at the domestic box office), the writer-director is being immortalized as an action figure, along with Stan Lee, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles.

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JL3378d ago

Oh I bet those Whedonites will go crazy for this. It's all actually pretty cool, though. And this comes at a great time, releasing right before SDCC. I'm guessing I'll be seeing stuff about this when I'm out there, with plenty of people buying a copy.

alycakes3378d ago

I hear they are already sold out of tickets for next year too...I can't even imagine how crazy it's going to be this's going to be great! I wonder what these will go for?

JL3378d ago

Sold out of tickets for 2013 SDCC you mean? I don't know about that. As far as I know, tickets don't go on sale till later, with pre-registration occurring at SDCC itself.

thorstein3378d ago

I can get the Stan Lee, Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon figures, but I have to WTF the Knowles one. Ain't It Cool News hasn't been relevant since the internet was created.

alycakes3378d ago

Some vendor at Dallas Comic Con was talking about the new way you had to have a member ID now for purchasing tickets from now on and that would help get the 4 day passes sooner...he probably didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

JL3378d ago

You do have to get a member id to get tickets now. However, that id doesnt guarantee you a pass. Granted I've only dealt with press passes so I dont know all the details for fan passes, but I do know that much at least.

hazelamy3378d ago

i'd love to see that get released in the uk, i'd so buy it.